Author Jessica C. Joiner

A love for exciting stories

My name is Jessica Carol Joiner. I grew up in Michigan and accepted Christ as my Savior in VBS at an early age. I was homeschooled from K5-12th, and was very active in the church my family attended. Bible quizzing was one of my favorite activities and I memorized several books of the Bible in High School. I went to a small Bible college in Indiana where I studied to be a teacher.

I married my husband in college. We have seven children – five on earth and two in heaven. I taught in a Christian private school for years before quitting to homeschool my autistic son. Being a homeschool mom and private school mom at the same time can be hard sometimes! I have two other kids with learning delays so I spend a lot of time tutoring them as well.

I can’t remember NOT writing. Some of my earliest memories are of little paper “books” my mom made me to write stories in – before I could even write words.

My favorite stories to read growing up were mysteries like the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Sigmund Brouwer’s Accidental Detectives, and even Sherlock Holmes. It wasn’t long before I was using them as inspiration to write my own mysteries. My first “real” novel was a scifi mystery mashup I wrote when I was sixteen. My dad even helped me turn it into a book!

Out of high school, I took a creative writing course that ended with the beginnings of my first published novel, A Case of Mistaken Identity (Now called A Tragic Introduction). I started self publishing in 2017 after my publisher went out of business and have published more than a dozen books since with many more to come.

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